Brave New World

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“Brave New World” (1980) 
(Aldous Huxley, Later Revealed, This IS ... The 'Blueprint' For The Future.)

BNW: First Edition CoverAldous Huxley, (1894-1963) wrote this novel, (written in 1931 and published in 1932) about a future society, based on pleasure without moral worries, love is prohibited but casual sex, now called 'engaging', is strongly encouraged. Everyone is kept happy with the legal drug, soma. People are hatched and cloned on conveyor belts, to meet the requirements of five different social classes, from ruling Alphas to robot-like Epsilons. Bernard Marx is a different Alpha male with an inclination to thinking. He and a girl called Lenina Disney go visit a reservation of 'savages' where they meet a handsome young man John and bring him back to 'civilization'. John turns out to be the son of the director of the cloning authority, which causes a scandal and makes John a celebrity freak. John falls in love with Lenina but his desire is ruined by his antiquated sexual morale derived from reading Shakespeare. John hates the over-social, but anti-emotional civilization, asks to be sent to live in isolation, and gets a job as a lighthouse guard. But even there, he can't escape his celebrity status.

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