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FREE Software Goodies For You and Your Machine ...

FREE Stuff, For ALL! Click HERE, To Visit 'Gizmos' Best (EVER) Freeware Website! Happy - Happy, Joy - Joy!
The Primary Function of This Community-Based Website, Is To Help You
Select The Very Best Freeware Products, For Your Particular Needs ...

The best freeware programs are as good as, (or better than) their commercial counterparts.
However, finding the most appropriate program, can be, (at the very least) challenging.
Sure, there's dozens of decent freeware download websites out there on the web,
but, (as you know) few of these, actually help you select the best programs for your needs.
That's what they do -- No, downloads, (yes, links to them) just honest advice and useful guidance.
This is a community based site, that's operated by Ian "Gizmo" Richards ...
As this is a community-based site, it has been studiously staffed,
by over 60 volunteers and has no commercial affiliations.

'Gizmos' - Best (EVER) Freeware Website!

'Gizmos' Big List: "The Best FREE Software For Windows Personal Computers"

Click HERE, To Grab Your Software at MajorGeeks.Com!
MAJOR GEEKSTen-hut -- Listen-up People!”
MajorGeeks.Com, Was Founded Upon a Few Simple Premises:
*That The Term; 'G-E-E-K,' Isn't ONLY A Four-Letter Word, But A Way Of Life!
*Proper use of a pocket protector is not only handy, but a snazzy fashion statement.
*That using personal computers as a hobby, doesn't necessarily Rule Out The Chicks.
*That Access To a Collection of Geekware, Is a God-given Right -- NOT A Privilege!
MajorGeeks has files, that tweak, repair, back-up, enhance, protect and much more.
(Think of MajorGeeks As; 'A VERY LARGE Toolbox For Your Personal Computer!')
Having the right tools for the job, is all you'll ever need, to make your PC behave!
(Sorry, you probably won't find any 'Sexy Asian Ladies' Screensavers, or
E-books) on how to 'comb a horse,' or other similar garbage there.)
If you need any assistance finding something, visit 'The Boot Camp
' or,
you can sure check out the cool 'Must-have' FREE Downloads List
(for some fun, reliable, personal help) stop on by; The 'Support' Forum
I think you'll discover the forums section friendly, (as well as fun and useful).

'GEEK' Tested For CRAPWARE! Major Geeks: 'Tons of GREAT Software Fer Yer Puter'

''Where's My PC?!'' -- Well, GET IT BACK!

Where's My PC!? 1.2.8 (Windows)
According to Safeware Insurance Agency in Columbus Ohio, (
Safeware.Com) more than 600,000 laptops are lost, (or stolen) each year, with a recovery rate of less than 2%. When you lose your computer, you lose a lot more than just the few hundred dollars the computer was worth. You lose the photos and videos of your children, (that can never be replaced). You lose your college thesis or the business report you've been working on for the last 6 months. (You know, the one that was going to get you that big promotion?) Regardless of what you've got on your computer, losing it is always a BAD thing. So, why not do everything you can, to protect your investment ... For FREE?!

''Where's My PC?!'' (Locator Interface)Where is My PC!? is a simple utility designed to help locate lost or stolen computers. It works by registering the computers IP address in a database at user defined intervals. The user can then access the database remotely, via the portal. The user can then trace that IP address, using any number of free web services and determine the computers approximate location. Local authorities will be able to use that IP address to determine the EXACT location of your PC, and hopefully recover it. This program automatically runs in the background when the computer boots up. You can access the user interface, or close the application by clicking the icon in the system tray. The interval between IP updates can be set, using the in-program settings menu. Once set up, “Where is My PC!?” is entirely autonomous. It runs silently on startup and requires absolutely no user-input, so you can just set it and forget it. And at only 500KB, meaning, that it's small and compact enough, to run constantly in the background without decreasing system performance whatsoever.

To be perfectly honest, “Where is My PC!?” software is not entirely unique. There is other software out there, that does the same job. Some of it's good, some of it isn't. Some of it's free and, some of it, is not so free. “Where is My PC!?” is absolutely 100% FREE. There's no “Pro Version” that costs $x.xx every month and there are no annoying 'pop-up' ads built into the program.

You don't need to sign any contracts, or provide any personal information.
The bottom line: this program does what it says, without any problems ... FREE.
Format: Software Size: 951 KB 
Cost = 
Platform: Windows


Freeware (& Shareware)
Software, & Services Guide
If You're Curious To See What Software I Install on My Computer Systems, Go HERE ...

Free Software Update Checker

PC Fixer ...
A completely FREE online service,
that scans for, detects, and repairs computer issues immediately, (WOW)!

For YOUR Pictures, Movies and Music Files - FREE!!!

USBDLM -- A Windows Service, That Gives Control Over Window's Drive Letter Assingments
For USB Drives, running as service, makes it independent of the logged on user's previleges,
so there's no need to give the users the previlege, to change drive letters.
It automatically solves conficts between USB drives and network,
or subst drives of the currently logged on user.
Furthermore, you can define new default letters for USB drives and much more.

Free Support For ALL Electric Gadgets, TVs and Even Appliances!

Free Repair tool for Microsoft FrontPage errors:
FP Cleaner

CircleUp (SmartMessage™) Group Communications Services
What if you could e-mail or IM a question to a group of any size ... Say, 5, 50 or 500 people
and get back a single, organized result instead of a blizzard of responses?
What if it worked for any circle you belong to ... Online, or offline?
Sports, volunteer organizations, school groups, clubs, churches, social networks, political campaigns,
alumni professional organizations ... even ad-hoc groups at work or with customers?
What if it made your existing e-mail and instant messaging accounts more organized
- without downloading anything or doing anything differently?
What if nobody in the group had to download anything,
or sign up, or 'register' to see the results?
What if it was 100% - FREE?! ->

Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)
A FREE Utility, For Permanently Erasing Data Off of a HDD, (Hard Disk Drive):

Thousands of FREE "How-To" Videos From The Experts:
Everything from how to change the battery in your car, to unclogging a sink, Setting up a computer network,
exercising properly, training a pet, playing an instrument, landscaping and more!
There are over 18,000 other instructional videos to choose from!

Win XP machines, with multiple users, are often broken or disabled by spyware, or other unwanted programs.
Windows 'SteadyState' (FREE from Microsoft) keeps your shared access computer running!

Free advice for running your own computer business:

Create a custom home page for your browser, FREE!

Remove Your ISPs 'Branding' From YOUR PC!

ISP 'branding' includes Toolbar background image, Default Page URL, Window Title, Search Bar,
customized Search URL, customized Support URL in the Help menu, customized name for Windows Update -
Tools menu, Window Title for Outlook Express (stored on a per-identity basis)

Free Anti-Phishing and Internet speed-up:

Complete Photo Editing on The Internet, For FREE!

Picnik offers web-based one-click photo fixing as well as in-depth tweaking.
You can crop, rotate, and resize your photos in real-time and add tons of special effects.
It's amazingly fast, works directly with many photo sharing web-sites and
there's no download required and nothing to install!
It works on Mac, Windows, and even Linux!

Free Points of Interest for your GPS:
POI Factory is a place where GPS users get together and share locations.
Mostly, the site is about having fun, helping each other with questions,
and sharing places that you find interesting or useful.

'Sandbox' Your Browser:
Put Internet Explorer and/or Firefox in their own 'sandbox.
Then, as you browse the web, any spyware or mal-ware that installs during your Internet surfing,
will be contained within the sandbox and will not infect your entire system.
It's that easy and it's FREE!

Wireless Key Viewer
WirelessKeyView recovers all wireless network keys (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer,
by the 'Wireless Zero Configuration' service of Windows XP and the 'WLAN AutoConfig' service of Windows Vista.
It allows you to easily save all keys to text/html/xml file, or copy a single key to the clipboard.

Free DVD Authoring software:

Fix numerous Windows XP issues for FREE:

FREE 'Start Menu' Cleaner:

Start Menu Cleaner is a freeware utility which cleans the start menu,
by removing unneeded shortcuts and folders. Most applications adds folders and shortcuts to the start menu.
The problem is, when you remove the program, its folders and shortcuts sometimes remains in the start menu.
This can make your start menu somewhat messy. Start Menu Cleaner scans all shortcuts in your start menu
and removes empty folders and shortcuts which points to files that no longer exist.
The result is, a smaller, cleaner, more efficient start menu.

Free Browser Security Software:

Avoid Web pages with unwanted content and hidden threats with TrendSecure:

Free Drive Imaging Software:
DriveImage XML

FREE Desktop Wallpaper, That Microsoft Left Out of Vista:
Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows XP/2000/2003 and Linux:
or, try ...
Save all your passwords, encrypted on your PC.
Will automatically enter your passwords at web-sites with one master password key that unlocks them all:
Remove unwanted trial-ware from a new Dell, HP, Compaq and other NEW PC's:
Numerous FREE applications you can run from a USB drive:
Microsoft's FREE Virtual PC 2007 (running other operating systems within your operating system, for free!)
Send files up to 1GB in size for free:
Send attachments up to 1GB in size through any email program for FREE:
Send files up to 100MB to anyone with this email service:
Remove Annoying Windows Piracy Accusations:
Remove WGA v1.2
Free File Synchronization software:
Test your computers RAM for FREE:
Identify the details of your CPU/RAM and Motherboard FREE:
Belarc - KNOW What's On YOUR PC!BELARC Adviser:
Know EVERYTHING that's on your machine -- In Detail!

Free Microsoft Office-like software:



(includes 1GB of online file storage, also free!)

Free product code recovery software:
Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

Can’t Delete A File? UNLOCK IT, FREE!

Password Recovery:
OphCrack2: Bootable CD,
Just boot it, and it automates the
cracking of all Windows XP accounts of that PC.

PCLoginNow Password Reset:


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD:

SnadBoys Revelation:
Reveals the words behind the asterisks
within Windows software, such as Outlook Express, etc ...

Remotely print to your home or office printer from any Internet connected PC ...
ANYWHERE In The World -- FREE!
Printer Anywhere

Free Search and Pop-up blocker:
Advanced Searchbar

Free PDF Maker:

Primo PDF

Free PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat alternative):


How to make a Windows Pre-Installation CD

Barts PE

Registry Repair
Registry Repair:


Glary Utilities

JV16 Power Tools 2007 (Shareware - free to try, $29.95 to buy)

FREE PC Security Software:
Secunia Personal Software Imspector


AVG FREE! - Anti-virus Software
AVG FREE Anti-virus, (It's What I Use!)
(To avoid the 'run-around,' Go HERE, for the direct download of AVG's FREE v.8.5)
A Cool FREE Tool, For Repairing Seriously Infected PCs
AVG Rescue CD: A Powerful Toolset, For Rescue & Repair of Infected Machines.
(For Windows XP, Vista and 7)
  Every PC user has to deal with 'malware' at some point. Quality security programs are the first line of defense. And they can block or remove nearly any infection. But no system is perfect. Occasionally, a really bad piece of malware comes along. It could wreak serious havoc. If it's bad enough, even starting the computer might be impossible. If you can't start your computer, how do you fix it? Most people will never run into something like this ... But It DOES Happen! Fixing it requires a different kind of tool. That's what 'AVG Rescue CD' is for. It contains various antivirus and anti-spyware tools. You can burn it to a CD. Or you can install it on a thumb drive. Then, instead of booting into Windows, you boot from your CD or thumb drive. The anti-malware tools can be used to recover your system. You can clean out everything, and then get back to Windows.
(NOTE: This is NOT a program you run from within Windows ... It must be burned to a CD, or installed on a USB drive. You can then boot your computer into the program. For detailed instructions on how to use it, visit this AVG page.)
You can download the AVG Rescue CD from the download section for free. There are two files you can download - ISO file and RAR/ZIP archive. The ISO image can be used to burn a CD or DVD. The archive can be extracted on USB drive.


TrendMicros Housecall (online scan only)


- Behavioral Virus and Spyware Protection -

PC Tools AntiVirus - FREE Anti-virus Software
(Download the FREE 'Registered' Version ...)

Free Spyware/Virus Scans

Nano Scan


HiJackThis Log file analyzer

Free WinSock repair software:
WinSockXP Fix

Free Anti-Spyware Software:

Spyware Terminator -- Click HERE, To Get It
Spyware Terminator - With 'Web Security Guard'
(A Very Effective, Great FREE Utility, I Use It on ALL of My Machines!)
'ClamWin' Anti-virus included - - you can activate, (if you so choose).

Super AntiSpyware



Windows Defender - (FREE, From Microsoft)

FREE Utilities!
Free Windows Utilities:
Nlite - Windows Deployment Tool

DriverPacks adds thousands of necessary drivers to your Windows XP installation CD

Gspot Codec Finder

Startup Cop Pro 2,1895,1830362,00.asp

AM DeadLink

Yahoo Widgets (formally Konfabulator)

Eraser (for secure hard-drive wiping!)

Free image editing software:

Free File Recovery Software:

Recover Files 2.02

The FREE COMODO Firewall - (It's What I Use!)
COMODO - (It's What I Use!)

PC Tools Firewall Plus - FREE Firewall

Sunbelt Personal Firewall (Formally known as Kerio Personal Firewall)

 Auto-enter Passwords:

Save Your Passwords -- In A Very Secure Document

Password safe

Free Browsers:




FREE Security Privacy Product,
Ensures Anonymity While You're On-line!

Public networks (both wired and wireless) are great ... After all,
what would life be -- without connecting, while at airports, hotels and coffee shops?
However, the danger to your personal data exists, even if you connect to a fee-based open network.
Your passwords, credit card numbers, and any data you send, can be seen and associated with you personally.
Standard antivirus software won't protect you, as this threat is on the network, not your laptop or iPhone.
That's Why,
AnchorFree Offers 'Hotspot Shield'
The application that keeps your Internet connection secure and anonymous on public networks!
(Used by Chineese Citizens To 'Go-around' YouTube Blocks & Other Censorship, etc.)

Free Spam filtering:


SpamBayes 1.0.4


Free Instant Messaging without pre-installing any software:


Free people search and public information search engine:

Free and instant home data and valuation:


E-mail entire web-sites, (instead of just sending the links) for FREE:


Free Star Trek LCARS Screensaver (Windows and Mac):

System47 (Flash-based -- Enterprise Console) W/sound or 'silent'

Find The Cheapest Airfares, HERE:

Free Remote Access Software:






(As Featured Below, In The "FREE Tech Support" Section!)

LogMeIn - Simply Connected
Access Your Computer Remotely, from Anywhere – FREE!

Free DVD Movie Copying Software:

Free Music CD ripping software:

Exact Audio Copy (use to rip files to WAV)

RazorLame (use to convert WAVs to MP3s)

Free Hard Drive Diagnostic Software - Seatools for Windows (Recommended):

Visit The Tech Support links Below ... Someone will help! WAIT! DON'T Shoot It! - FIX It!

Click, to e-mail me for help! Case's Corner's FREE Tech Support ...
CasesCorner.Com - FREE (Windows OS) PC Help

5 Star Support - Free Computer Help and Technical Support
A Free Computer Help and Technical Support Site, Featuring Free Computer Help
Along With Thousands of Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, DLL File Downloads and much more!

Computer Questions? Get Answers From Bob Rankin!
Need FREE Tech Support? Ask Bob about Computers, Technology,
Gadgets or The Internet! (Cool, Informative, News Articles There, as Well!)

Elizabeth Boston - "The Computer Lady"
Tips, Troubleshooting and Tutorials for Computer Problems.

Geek to Live - Tech Support: (With UltraVNC SingleClick)
PC-to-PC Remote Help - From 'Life Hacker'

~ Tech Support Guy - Tech Support Forum ~
Also Featuring; The "Computer America" Radio Show!
Click HERE, To Listen Now! (WM-Player)
"There's no such thing as a stupid question,
but, they're the easiest to answer!"





MORE GOODIES-2: (More Freeware & CP2V!)

EVEN MORE GOODIES-3: (Even MORE Freeware & CP2V!)

* FREEWARE: Keep ALL of Your PC's Programs, Up-to-Date, (Free)!
RadarSync Free Edition checks and updates all the applications on your system for you ... so you don't have to update each one individually. Pretty cool, Eh?!

Hotspot Shield 1.17 For Windows PCs (FREE!)

Maintain your anonymity and protect your privacy when accessing free Wi-Fi hotspots.
* Hotspot Shield 0.942
For Mac Computers (FREE!)
Secure your privacy while accessing free wi-fi hotspots.

TweakNow, PowerPack 2009 (Win XP & Vista) FREE!
-- A complete tweaking program for Windows.

TweakNow, RegCleaner, V4.2 (Windows 7/Vista/XP) FREE!

The fastest and the most reliable registry cleaner program available today.

TweakNow, WinSecret 2009 FREE!
-- Explore the secrets of Your Windows XP or Vista Machine!

Undelete & Unerase - Recover Files 2.1 (For Windows) FREE!
  (or, Download Direct From HERE 
What IS Twittering? (Twitter Explained 1.0) Learn how to use Twitter and its apps, with this FREE e-book.
Twitter's taking the Internet by storm ... There are about 10,000 new users per day, signing up to participate in this latest Internet fad. Twitter's best described, as a 'micro blogging' platform. Check out 'Twitter Explained 1.0' to see what all of the fuss is about ... or not.

FREE Internet TV (.org) is a website featuring over 2000
FREE Internet TV, FREE Online TV Channels, FREE
Radio Stations, Live Webcams and best new video from around the world ... Enjoy!

Probably The Best (FREE) Security Software List, In The World

Antti Koponen's just finished a major update to his super popular list, of the best security products. If there's a more comprehensive list than this on the web, I've yet to see it ...

100+ Places For (FREE) E-books, Online

If you're looking for free books, Stephen Keroff's wonderfully comprehensive list, should be your first stop. Originally it only covered 100 sites but has grown substantially as Stephen has unearthed many great new locations.

* HTI PDF Creator 4.0
(FREE! Windows 2K, XP & Vista)
Print files to PDF documents from virtually any Windows application. If the document can be printed, it can be convert to PDF easily! HTI PDF Creator is a cost effective (FREE) solution over the leading PDF product, compatible Adobe Acrobat. HTI PDF Creator allows you to easily create PDF files from documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails, websites, and virtually any file that can be printed.

Advanced Effect Maker; Edition 2
(FREE! Windows 98, NT4, 2000, XP - Supports Macintosh OS X 10.3+)
Make FREE Flash effects, without having to learn or have Macromedia Flash. Anyone with basic HTML knowledge can use it. You'll find effects such as navigational menus, 3D text effects, slideshows, scrollers and much more. All effects are fully customizable for your own webpage. There are effects like navigation menus, 3D text effects, slide shows, scrollers and much more. All effects are fully customizable for your own webpage. (The Freeware Edition contains 40 applets).

Mozy Online Backup, Backup Software, and Remote Office Backup
(FREE! - 2GB)
2 GB of 100% free backup space ... No setup fee, no credit cards, no monthly payments, no hassle.

New FREE Service From 'Gizmos' -- Personalized Security Software Suggestions For YOUR PC

Don't miss out; this is hot. They've just launched their new Security Advice Wizard, that gives you personalized PC security recommendations for your PC, by asking a series of short security-related questions. This is a free service and all recommendations are based on FREE available software. It's also a Internet first and is currently the hottest page on
their site, so hop in and see what suggestions the new 'security wizard' gives you!

PDF to Word Converter 1.5
(FREE! Windows)
Quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files, making it a cinch to re-use PDF content in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect. (ALSO See;
'PDF Download'
The #1 FREE PDF plug-in for Browsers!)

System Explorer 1.5
(FREE! - Windows XP or Vista)
This full-featured system analyzing tool, lets you take a 'sneak peek' at everything that's going on in your system.
(BTW, You can grab the FREE 'Beta' 2.0 version that's available there instead ... if you so choose.)

* TweakNow PowerPack 2009 1.6.4
(FREE! - Windows XP, Vista & 7)
A fully integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. The Registry Cleaner module, provides you with a safe and simple way to clean your Windows Registry.

Free Icon Gallery 1.0
(FREE! - Windows 98, 2K or XP) Direct Download Here -> EXE File or ZIP File
Change the icons of your desktop folders with one of these 3,000+ free colorful icons. ('Help File' Here
* Microsoft "Essentials" FREE Anti-virus Protection Now Available -- Off 'Beta'
As the name 'Security Essentials' (MSE) implies, Microsoft's new security software removes the bloated bells and whistles found in other products, (like Microsoft's discontinued 'Windows Live OneCare') and provides only the essential protection. Taken in the context of the Windows operating system, providing antivirus protection may be all that's necessary. Windows already has a firewall. Windows has the 'Windows Defender' antispyware tool. Internet Explorer has features to detect and identify Phishing and other potentially malicious websites. So, for Microsoft to incorporate anything more than a stripped down antivirus capability could be considered overkill. Third-party security vendors have lined up to alternately bash MSE as inadequate and slam Microsoft for throwing its monopolistic weight around. They can't really have it both ways. Either Microsoft made a good product and its dominance of the PC operating system is a
threat to the security software industry, or MSE sucks and they've got nothing to worry about. (BTW, MSE is Compatible With the upcoming Win 7 OS.)

Most 'Underrated' FREE 'Tweak' to Improve Windows Performance

Every year billions of dollars are spent by folks just trying to improve the performance of their puters. Over the last couple years, there's been a big market for “Registry Cleaners” even though there has been little evidence having a “tidy,” smaller registry makes any difference. Truth is ... Just a few simple, free 'tweaks' can be done, which can drastically improve the speed of their systems.

* FeedDemon 3.0 (FREE! For Windows OS) The RSS Addict's Best Friend!
Easy-to-use interface makes FeedDemon 3.0 a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information. Customize the way feeds are organized/displayed and set up custom news watches based on keywords. (FAQ Here
-- .exe file Here)

Evernote 3.5 beta (FREE! For Windows OS)

Use Evernote to jot notes, create to-do lists, clip entire Web pages, manage passwords, and record audio. Everything added is automatically synchronized across platforms and devices and made searchable.

* ForecastFox (FREE! For Windows OS)
A Firefox extension that brings international weather from
to your Firefox Browser. It's unobtrusive and lightweight, yet customizable to display nearly as much data, as the leading desktop weather programs. (Download)

* Switch Sound File Converter 2.03 (FREE! For Windows OS)

Switch can convert numerous audio file formats to mp3 and wav for free. It is light and easy to use. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button. Converts a variety of audio file formats to mp3 or wav such as: wav, mp3, mp2, mpga, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, aac, wma, dct, au, aiff, ogg, raw, msv, dvf, vox, cda, atrac, gsm, dss, sri, shn, dss, msv, wmv. (Grab the .exe file here
* Wise Registry Cleaner 4.82 FREE! (For Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/XP-x64/2003/Vista)
Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the safest registry cleaning tools available today. It scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information so your system can work more efficiently. View each problem individually and have all problems corrected automatically.

* World Traffic Cameras Lite v1.0
FREE! (For iPhone OS 2.1 or higher)
View the current traffic along major routes around the world using publicly accessible camera feeds. Scroll around the map and tap a camera icon to see a snapshot or animated image of the traffic and conditions as updated by the source.

LogonStudio Vista 1
FREE! (For Windows Vista)
Change your user logon screen for Windows Vista to include system information, or ... anything you want. Many logons are included with the program and hundreds of additional logons are available for free.

I LOVE IT! ~ Click HERE To Get FREE MS 'PowerToys' for Windows XP ~

A Handy-Dandy, Little List of Freeware Sites To Enhance Your PC!

  *FREE SCREENSAVERS! (From Freesaver.Com)
That's right, totally FREE! NO shareware, NO nagging messages wanting you to pay something later, all of the Screensavers featured are absolutely, totally free! There's well over 1,600 + to choose from. I'm certain you'll be relieved to know, that all of the Screensavers featured, have been scanned for Adware, spyware and viruses. (That's the way we like it, right?) You could be at this website for quite a while ... I LOVE IT!

  *CURSORS, Cursors and More Cursors!

Aren't you tired & bored with the standard Windows cursors? Yeah? Well, there's something you can do about it! Go to "Dierk's List of Animated Cursors" and help yourself! Select from an enormous list of nice, FREE Animated cursors for your computer.

  *FREE FONTS! (From Font Paradise)
That's right, Fonts ... FREE & Clear For The Download! By the way, it should be noted that Font Paradise lists only Windows True-Type fonts, free for personal (noncommercial) use. They ALSO offer a 1,500 font package that you can download to your Puter's Hard Drive, for only $4.95! (Oh, while your there, go ahead and grab their free "font downloader" tool ... just to make things go a little smoother.)
Please Note: Most folks are unaware that in order for other folks to see a font that doesn't normally come with Windows, They will need to download the same font to see it, (if you're using a "Papyrus" font, the viewer needs the Papyrus font on their machine as well).


Sound Events Fer Yer Puter! Tired of your standard windows sounds? Once again, there's something you can do about it! Download your own sound files to make your PC sound(s) trippy! Those of you who know me personally, know what MY machines sound like, right?

AnalogX offers the following FREE stuff:
Network & Internet Utilities
, Direct-X Plugins, Audio tools, Programming Utilities, System Utilities and even a Free Caller ID program and much more! Some of these programs have been featured in my free weekly newsletters ... Stop by, cruise around, download some stuff and let him that know that you appreciate his programs, via the free registration when you download his stuff.

                                                                          Don't Monkey Around -- PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!
                                FREE SOFTWARE TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!
                                                                                   (FAMILY FRIENDLY SOFTWARE)

*Teen Chat Acronym Lookup Decoder Software FREE! (.Exe) Size: 690KB
System Requirements: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2K & XP
This free Teen Chat Acronym Decoder lets you 'Crack The Secret Code' your teen uses online, in Chat Rooms, online chats, Instant Messages, & Text Messages. This is an awesome software for parents because it gives you an inside look into your teenagers online life. Software is also certified spyware free. Version 5 has all new interface design, smaller file download size, comprehensive 3x increase in acronym database, now all variations of acronym are displayed as the user types, faster acronym look up, and new parenting resource links and help.

*Keylogger Software - Actual Keylogger FREE! (.exe) Version: 2.4, Size: 927KB
) System Requirements: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP & 2003 Server
Actual Keylogger is a FREE key logger, that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file with the title of the window that was active at that moment. Actual Keylogger runs hidden in the background and automatically logs all keystrokes. The interface can be password protected. Only the person who knows a special key combination can control Actual Keylogger. You can view the reports as HTML or plain text. (Download it from HERE ...

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